Is This Your Pastor? (Read The Current Review)  
  Rev. Dwight McKissic
Cornerstone Baptist Church
5415 Matlock
Arlington, TX 76018





Rev. William Dwight McKissic is the senior pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, and founder of the “Not on My Watch” Coalition (he stole that from George Bush). It didn’t surprise me to know that this church is under the Southern Baptist Church umbrella. All I have to say is when a black man joins and lines his church up with an old wealthy organization with a rich and deep history of racism and sexism speaks VOLUMES. Just a little note, ALL black preachers in Texas (my home state) don’t “perform fuh Massah” like good house niggers and then cry “racism“ when they don‘t get their just rewards. To further prove his ignorance, he tries desperately to use Romans 1 as a means of supporting his views. If you want the truth on Romans 1, peep “Taking A Closer Look” and you’ll be enlightened.

During this pathetic speech…ummm “sermon”, Pastor McKissic spends most of his time arguing the fact that Civil Rights isn’t the same as Gay Rights. And we could waste valuable time and energy dissecting every argument he presents. But to do so, we’d have to condescend to his juvenile mental level and degrade ourselves. But there ARE a few things he said that I’d like to address…

“To equate civil rights with gay rights is to compare my skin with their sin.”
Okay, THAT was cute. It even rhymed! I’ll be sure to nominate him when the Vibe Awards asks for Best Rhyme nominees next year. I’ve had to do this before. But I suppose it didn’t catch, so I have to do it again and again until people finally get it. The word “civil” is not a synonym for “black or African-American”. The word “civil” is an adjective (a word that describes a noun) that is defined as “of, relating to, or befitting a citizen or citizens”. So, by definition, the Civil Rights Movement was not an issue of race, but an issue of CITIZENSHIP! Yes, the ancestors were discriminated against, lynched, and denied their rightful place in society because of their race. But what they were saying in essence was “I may be black, but I’m a CITIZEN of the United States. So I deserve to be treated as equal to everyone else and be protected under the law.” Contrary to Rev. McKissic’s opinion, there ARE similarities…people are trying to use one facet of a person’s HUMANITY as a reason to deny them rights that are supposed to be guaranteed to all CITIZENS. No matter how you color it, Discrimination IS Discrimination!
“I’ve heard that homosexuals say that they discovered they were gay at 18 or 25 or 33 years of age. I don’t know any black people who didn’t discover their blackness until they were 25 years old.... I’ve met ‘former homosexuals.’ But I’ve never met a ‘former black person,’ other than perhaps Michael Jackson.”
I wonder what same gender loving people he’s been listening to. Most likely NONE! The truth is, the majority of all SGL people KNOW that there’s something different about them between the ages of 4 and 7 years old. They can’t articulate it, but they know the difference. They EXPRESS it at the ages of 18, 25 or 33. Most sane people don’t even see or acknowledge color until their parents point it out to them. See, people are born innocent, knowing how to love. Love is natural, you don’t have to teach anyone to do that. It’s a characteristic of God Himself. Hatred on the other hand is TAUGHT. And as we grow into adults we learn how to focus on our differences and use them as dividers instead of celebrating our humanity in spite of them. It’s nice to know that Pastor McKissic is doing his part in teaching the world how to hate. Furthermore, in spite of Michael Jackson’s skin tone, he is STILL very much a black man! So not only does the good Reverend spew hate, but insults! What God is he representing here?

“When Christians open their Bibles, God opens His mouth,” McKissic said in reference to Romans 1:32.
OH REALLY NOW? This man is obviously not as educated as somebody told him he is. Let’s take a look at what “their Bibles” say…

Child curses a parent; KILL THEM - (Exodus 21.15, 17)
Discriminate against the disabled - (Leviticus 22.16-22)
Torture of women if she was ‘thought’ to be cheating - (Numbers Chapter 5)
Don’t eat bad meat, but sell it to foreigners - (Deuteronomy 14.21)
Women are 2nd Class - (I Corinthians 11.7-9; 14.34-35)

….there are countless objectionable things that “their Bibles” say are of God, but we do not practice them today because they are morally wrong and socially unacceptable. So if “God opens his mouth” when “Christians open their Bibles” then most Christians are serving a MONSTER! Anybody who truly studies the Bible understands that the Bible cannot be taken literally, but must be discerned spiritually to grasp and understand it’s spiritual truth. “Open Bible=God’s open mouth“…Again, VERY cute, but not true.

“If we vote for a politician not knowing where he stands,” he said, “we could find ourselves approving of what God disapproves.”
Now we know why black people supported camouflaged discrimination by voting for George W. Bush (oops, did I say that?).

In answering the question of why he is so passionate about this particular issue, McKissic quoted Martin Luther: “My conscience is captive to the Word of God. To go against conscience is neither right nor safe. God help me. Here I stand. I can do no other.”

Alright pseudo-Martin Luther, I have one question. If we live in a country where people have the RIGHT to believe what they want, and live their lives AS they want as long as they aren’t breaking the law…and if Rev. McKessic is really secure as a man…what’s the REAL reason he’s so “passionate” about this issue? I think maybe there are some internal issues goin’ on here (like with most of the closet cases who are ministers in the black church) and they protest so much as a way to deal with or keep their own issues on the down low. See, so many of these insecure and confused men get married in an attempt to hide. Hoping privately that their being married will help them “change”. Marriage is their shield while on their quest for “deliverance”. But while they are chasing this deliverance, they still fulfill their true desires in secret, on the side. Maybe he (and the men like him) are so “passionate” about this because if the same gender loving community ever has the same rights, it will be more of a struggle for them to hide. So it’s like, “I have to fight and protest against this thing because if it’s ever ‘acceptable’ for me to be with someone of the same gender, I’ll slip up and EVERYONE I know will find out about my dirty little secret. My whole sham of a life will be exposed and EVERYONE will know that I‘ve been living a lie. Too many people (including myself) will be hurt and humiliated”. And NOBODY wants to be known as a liar and a cheat. I’m not saying this is the case with Rev. McKissic, but…it IS something to think about.

My daddy taught me that men who are truly secure in themselves are not threatened by someone who is different from, yet equal to them. My parents taught me that REAL Christianity is not about obeying a bunch of rules, but about treating EVERYONE with love, respect and dignity like Jesus did. It’s about helping people and showing them the unconditional love of God regardless of perceived differences. Real Christianity is about loving everyone because we are all God’s children. We’re all created equal. And in spite of what makes us different, God loves us all just the same. I don’t know WHAT the good Rev. McKissic is talking about. Evidently, he doesn’t either.


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