Is This Your Pastor? (Read The Current Review)  
  Bishop Eddie L. Long
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
PO Box 2607
Atlanta Georgia 30301
Sermon: God is After Himself
Genesis 1.26-28; Hebrews 10.19-30





All I can say after listening to this sermon is “WOW”. And as you continue to read, you will understand why that’s all I could say. I couldn’t even type this review after listening to it. I had to step away and take a break to get myself together. I wish there were a way for me to put the sermon itself on the net so that people could hear it for themselves and not just take my word for it. But, the truly sad thing is, even if I did, some people would argue that the pseudo-spiritual tripe that is “God is After Himself” is actually the infallible Word of God. In the fifty-five minutes of this sermon, it gets deep (Bishop Long’s claim to fame) and sticky. I caught myself with my mouth hanging open because I just couldn’t believe what he said. Bishop tries to come across as so anointed, spiritual, deep and wonderful, with this sermon,g I actually said, “sir, you are SO deep you’re actually drowning”.

Since the sermon, laden with cleverly clothed religious rhetoric and is presented in Bishop Long’s signature flair for dramatic hyper-spiritual mysticism, it would take A LOT of space to refute every ridiculous theory he suggests. In his effort to “not condemn anybody, but to lift everybody”, the Bishop does just the opposite. And he does it ALL in the Name of God. This lunacy will speak LOUDLY AND CLEARLY for itself. Here are just a few quotes. Hold on to your seats daaar-lings, it’s gonna be a BUMPY ride!

“Woman is the soul of man. She is his flesh consciousness. In essence, God made Eve to help Adam replenish the earth. Woman has the canal…everything else is an exit. God had to separate Adam and Eve where they connected so he could tell them to reconnect in covenant to duplicate Him.”

“In Christ, God puts his seed in us. Any other way is a spiritual abortion. Cloning, Homosexuality and Lesbianism are spiritual abortions.”

“Homosexuality is a manifestation of the fallen man.”

Quotes Daniel 11.29 – “Abomination means to ‘dis’-create or filth. Which is Anti-Christ. I’m sure the bishop (referring to the Episcopal Bishop) is anointed. But because of his stand, he has borne in an Antichrist doctrine by spirit into the house of God that defiles the temple. All because it takes away the covenant. There’s not a true image of God when he enters the temple.”

“God brings himself back to himself through covenant through blood. When the ordained process of God (marriage), when a virgin man has sex with a virgin woman, there is blood shed on his penis which represents covenant and the redemptive grace of God. That’s the reason why men, you are circumcised, so that every time you pull out your male organ and wants to go in the wrong direction, you can SEE that you are in covenant and anything that goes against the covenant is Anti-Christ. It creates a religious system that will not return God to God. Anything that will hinder that is Anti-Christ. It’s an abortion of the whole process of covenant and blood shedding.”

“…They (children) cannot have 2 female parents. They cannot have 2 male parents. They will be off balance.”

Bishop Long’s answer to “I was born that way” - “spirits can be inherited or acquired. You can have a strong domineering mama and a weak daddy that creates a spirit in the male child that makes him more effeminate. This is true for homosexuality or any other disorder in our lives.”

He reads Hebrews 10.26-30 – “If you gon’ do it the way you wanna do it the blood sacrifice Christ made for you no longer remains. If the blood covenant cannot be walked out by you, then the sacrifice of the cross is null and void for you and I (speaking for God) am personally coming after you to take you out. Why? Because God is after Himself. “

“You get the disease you inherited out of you through the blood sacrifice. You must recreate the covenant, the image. Anything else tells God that the blood is null and void. If you don’t become my duplicate, you can’t come back to me, despite what you do in My (God’s) name.

Now, after reading all that. I want you to take into account that Bishop Long’s WHOLE thing here is God’s “self duplication” effort. That’s why we were created. And he uses Isaiah 43.10 to set the groundwork. He infers that in order to ‘duplicate” God in the earth one must “be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 2.7)”. Too bad there weren’t any independent thinkers who know God for themselves there when Bishop Long was teaching this. But just in case there were some “Independent Men and Women” in the house that couldn’t ask questions because of the environment they were in…let me do the honors.

Question: Doesn’t the Bible say that God made man (human) from dust (flesh) and breathed into him the breath of life (spirit), and MAN (human) became a living soul? So where in scripture did woman become the soul of man?

Question: Who and what makes Bishop Long qualified and holy enough to say that Bishop Gene Robinson of the Episcopal Church is not a true representative of God? Is Eddie Long holy enough to make that judgement? He will be judged with the same judgment.

Question: Is Bishop Long trying to reduce those who cannot “duplicate” God in the earth to less than God’s creation? Of course he only mentions gays and lesbians in this theory. But, what about the straight people who are physically incapable of having children? They can’t “duplicate” God Bishop! Are they TOO Anti-Christ when they have sex? Are THEY spiritual abortions? With this logic they HAVE TO BE! THEY CANNOT DUPLICATE GOD!

Question: What about the fact that gays and lesbians ARE OFFSPRING OF STRAIGHT PEOPLE? Did all the Mamas and Daddies who have same gender loving children have spiritual abortions? Are their unions “Anti-Christ”? I mean, according to Bishop Long’s little theory, by extension, the fact that straight people PRODUCED someone who “hinders God’s duplication” is “Anti-Christ”.

Question: What about the MILLIONS of straight people who aren’t Christians? Are they TOO producing “Anti-Christ”? Are the people who don’t believe in Christ as the Son of God not producing God in the earth when they have children? According to this logic, they ARE! According to this theory, God can produce ANTI-GOD! If the only way for God to “duplicate” Himself in the earth is through heterosexual sex that brings forth children, HETEROSEXUAL ATHEISTS CAN “DUPLICATE” GOD IN THE EARTH!

Question: If having 2 parents of the same gender makes children off balance, what about all the depressed, psychotic, suicidal, anorexic, violent, sex crazed, racist, hateful children who are raised by traditional heterosexual couples? Are they balanced just because they have a male and female parent? What about the mothers and fathers who are raising families ALONE? Are they not able to raise healthy and balanced children? Will all the good people who were raised by single mothers and fathers PLEASE STAND UP!

Question: Didn’t Jesus say “God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth”? Did not Jesus say “that which is flesh IS flesh, that which is Spirit IS Spirit”? That said, doesn’t it mean that the only way to “duplicate” God (Spirit) is in and by SPIRIT? Doesn’t that mean heterosexual sex or even HUMAN sex for that matter is irrelevant? If God is Spirit, and sex is flesh, how can flesh reproduce Spirit? FLESH IS FLESH! SPIRIT IS SPIRIT! Doesn’t that mean we must GET OUT OF THE FLESH? So why this whole supposedly “spiritual” sermon about “fleshly sex” anyway?

Question: Does not the Bible say that Jesus died to take away the sins of the world? And before Jesus died, did He not say, “IT IS FINISHED!” Does that not mean that His job of taking away and paying for the sins of THE WORLD was completed? Is Bishop Long calling Jesus a liar by saying His cross and actions were null and void for those who are sgl or who cannot have offspring?

With this sermon, Bishop Eddie Long is saying two things. God is SO messed up and impotent that the only way he can reproduce Himself in the earth (which according to Bishop Long is His goal) is through fallible human beings. And only heterosexual Christians have been chosen and blessed of God with the duty of replenishing the earth, and everyone who was not born of Christian parentage (including the parents) the Anti-Christ. Question: If this is the Word of God according to Eddie Long, what he really saying about God?


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