What The Community is Saying  

I am so happy to see this website, speaking the truth, educating readers and calling out those who would condemn us for being as we were created. I recently left my own church after visiting TUCC in Chicago -- I just couldn't justify tithing and supporting a ministry that clearly views me as 2nd class. Please continue in the manner that you have and God bless you!

David, St. Louis


Your site is wonderful. I went to Greater Mount Calvary for a year and it was until a few months that I heard my first gay bashing sermon and it tore me to pieces on the inside. I decided to leave a few months later my partner continued to go a few months and then he left as well. I saw so many gay people that have stayed and act like it's okay becuase they know that Bishop Owens is just saying that because he wants to save face. But it is harmful and one day my partner and I wish to have children. I don't want them to hear the same type of bondage. The black church is responsible for so many of our youth who have decided to commit suicide and drink and drug themselves to death. The church and the gay closeted preachers who decide to preach these hate-filled sermons are responsible. It about time that we stand up against this injustice. I thank God for you site. It helps motivate me to keep moving forward in the direction that I am going and to stand up against hatred and bigotry of all kinds.

Samuel, DC


I thank God for you and the ministry you offer SGL folks of the USA and hopefully the world. It's a long time coming. In particular, at my church, the pastor and his brother are gay. I know because I was the pastor's brother's lover for some years. The hypocrisy which exists is what made me leave. I found God for myself! I truly miss going to worship; however, I will not sit there and be insulted by the Gay jokes and putdowns. We as gay men and especially, gay Black men, have endured enough of that mess. Thank you for being here and I await your continued ministry. Keep on praising Him!!

Anthony, Ohio


This site is both fresh air and cool water. Thank you for allowing The Holy Spirit to guide you in developing this oasis. May God continue being a light unto your path and a lamp unto your feet. May He grant you the wisdom and knowledge of Solomon, the meekness of Moses, the courage of Elijah, the determination of Daniel, the faithfulness of Paul, the passion of Jeremiah, and above all, the character and righteousness of Jesus!

Victor, Chicago


I found this site to be informative and something that has been needed in the black gay community for a long time. It is about time that someone has taken a stance in exposing the discrimination and haterd of the Black Church. I am no longer a part of that community, not ever wanting to return. But I do believe that something has to be done in our own community to get us to stand and up and speak out for ourselves, that includes doing what this website is attempting, boycotting the offending churches and removing ourselves not only physically but financially. Through my group I have and will continue to help in this endeavor. I applaud you and I really believe that God applauds you too. God Bless.

Richard, Detroit


Its about time that someone has taken the role of putting this to rest. Which is dividing our commuity and not for the better. Thank you for your efforts!

gbrooks, Ohio


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