Defending Yourself Against A Homophobic Attack  

Since the launch of OPERATION: REBIRTH, so many people have been writing and talking about having been put in a position where they must argue about what the Bible has to say about the issue of sexuality. Especially if they don't agree with the homophobic position of those who take a literal interpretation of the Bible text. Those who have written have discovered that arguing about it is pointless and are frustrated. Frustrated because they feel like a wedge has been forced between them and their loved ones. Frustrated because they have been placed into a space of conflict instead of peace where this issue is concerned.

So here is OPERATION: REBIRTH's guide to defending oneself against homophobic attack:

  • Know what you're talking about. If you haven't truly studied, you are just as ignorant as those who seek to argue with you are. Read the Bible. Study the context in which the verses were written. Study the biblical text taking into account the author, history, social climate, and context of the text.
  • READ and THINK! Studying the Bible doesn't remove your responsibility to be an intellectual and think logically. Don't be afraid of seeking other sources. Reading other books. Don't be afraid of seeking to understand another point of view. For instance, if studying the letter Paul wrote to the Romans, read some books about Roman history. Find out what was going on during the time the letter was written. This is the ONLY way to discern what the LIVING Word (the Spiritual truth, not the literal text) is saying to us. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life (2 Corinthians 3.6).
  • Don't take anyone's word for it. Understand that you must know God for YOURSELF. And if you have a personal relationship with God, NOBODY has the right to run your relationship…and I mean NOBODY. Speak to God for yourself (that's what prayer is). Hear from God for yourself (also prayer). Learn what you need to learn from God Himself. Don't let anyone tell you what God's plan for you is….seek God for YOURSELF!
  • Don't argue. Arguing is divisive and brings about no good. People who want to argue aren't interested in coming to an understanding of the truth, or a better understanding of God. They are trying to prove themselves to be right and prove you wrong.
  • Never lose sight of your purpose. Your purpose is to have an intimate love relationship with God. And a positive, healthy relationship with yourself, others, and the environment should be the evidence of that. Anything that is not enhancing your relationship with God, yourself, with others, or the environment is not of God, and does not fit in to your purpose.
  • Don't let anyone put you in a position of inferiority. If someone begins to raise their voice, starts talking over you, calls you names, insults you, or otherwise disrespects you….SHUT THEM DOWN! Let them know that if they cannot respect you as their equal, the conversation is OVER. You don't have to settle for disrespect. You don't have to justify your humanity to ANYONE. Nor do you have to be subject to abuse. You don't let your boss call you out of your name or disrespect you, do you? Then why should you allow your pastor or other "Christians" to do so?
  • Don't let anyone tell you who you are. Seek God for the definition of your humanity. You have a relationship with God right? Who better knows you than God? You are who GOD says you are, and He is the only one with the right to tell you who that is!
  • Don't be afraid. The only way people can control you or have power over you is by making or keeping you fearful. If you are afraid of someone, they can control what you think. If they control what you think, they can control your actions, your money, and any other aspect of your lives.

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