Letter To Black Clergy That Supported The Federal Marriage Amendment  
  The following letter was sent to Pastors and Churches who were reported to have been in support of the discriminatory and divisive Federal Marriage Amendment. OPERATION: REBIRTH sent these letters to each of them in hopes of creating some dialogue about the issues that are being used to divide our community in this election. Hopefully these pastors will accept our invitation so we will be able to come together, talk to one another, and learn from each other as to how we can be unified as a community. Let’s see what happens…  

Dear Black Clergy:

It has been brought to our attention that you were a supporter of the Federal Marriage Amendment (SJ 30 and HJ 56). As you may know, the amendment failed in the Senate. Your public support of this discriminating amendment has sent the following messages to the black community and to the entire World about the black community:

  • The Black church DOES NOT support equal rights for all of God’s people
  • We can still be divided
  • We can be turned on our own people
  • We can be used as a political wedge
  • We have forgotten our ancestors’ struggle for equality in this country

Not only did you send the above messages, but also your support has reflected a fundamental disregard for the religious liberty protections embodied in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

We truly believe that right always prevails over wrong. We consider it a travesty that you have forgotten our legacy as a people in this country and would support discrimination, knowing first hand what it feels like to be legally discriminated against and confined to “the colored section”. Also, it is unethical, shameful, and morally reprehensible that you would openly support prejudice against an entire community of tax paying citizens that you most likely haven’t taken the time or made the effort to get to know. We ask that you join us in the pursuit of justice by opening up your hearts and minds to all of God’s people.

We hope you understand the negative ramifications on our community of your future support of such laws permitting discrimination of ANY kind. Whether you accept it or not, the same gender loving community IS an important part of the American Family. We are your brothers and sisters. We are your sons and daughters. Contrary to propaganda, in our struggle for equality, we have done NOTHING to divide, or break down the American Family. However, you have, with your support of this amendment. Unfortunately you have allowed yourselves, and the congregations you represent to be used in an effort to further divide us, thus compromising our effectiveness as a people during this crucial election year. We hope the next time you choose to use your influence; it’s used to uplift our community and unite us instead of dividing us. The only way we will rise as a people is to stop warring over what makes us different and focus on what makes us the same.

Please visit OPERATION: REBIRTH at www.operationrebirth.com for a better understanding of the black same gender loving community and how to end religious/spiritual abuse. We invite you to an open dialogue about these issues, and look forward to your taking steps in helping us unify our community.


Tuan N’Gai                                        Quentin Wilson

  See The List of Black Clergy That Received The Letter.  



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